March 14th, 2019 – In memoriam

We are shocked and saddened by the death of our managing director Marcel Lefferts, who passed away on March 5th 2019 following a serious illness.

From the very beginning, in June 1994, Marcel was involved in the construction and development of N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant (SNB) as a director. We can safely say that fulfilling SNB’s mission was very important to him. At SNB, Marcel was able to combine his passions for technology, innovation, and the environment. SNB was and continues to be his ‘baby’.

From the outset, SNB’s development was dedicated to the environmentally-friendly processing of (communal) sewage sludge at the lowest possible social cost. This began tentatively, with the reuse of residues in, for example, road construction. Over 20 years later, more than 95% of sludge residues are reused, and we are approaching 100%. In addition, the process has remained highly sustainable throughout the last 2 decades; emissions are lower than ever and SNB operates almost energy-neutral.

These successes were possible thanks in large part to Marcel’s boundless passion and optimism in continuous innovation. Whenever he reached a milestone, he would already be working on another project. He set the bar higher over and over again, convinced of the company’s growth potential. With his unmistakeable enthusiasm and thorough, fact-based substantiation of plans, Marcel always took SNB a step further. This meant SNB was already an illustrative example of the circular economy before the term itself came into vogue among policy-makers. While proud of this, Marcel remained modest about his and SNB’s performance.

Marcel was a strong advocate for allowing people within the organisation to take responsibility for themselves and work independently. He was always open to opinions and ideas when it came to making the right decisions for SNB, which led others to emulate his positive enthusiasm. Negativity wasn’t in Marcel’s nature, even when he fell ill and worked on his recovery.

We have always known Marcel to be a devoted family man. His family was his world. He was incredibly proud of his wife Monique, his daughters Merel and Juliet, and his son Mathijs. His family said their last goodbyes after accompanying him to his final resting place, De Hoevens nature cemetery in Alphen (NB).

Marcel was 61 years old. We try to find consolation in the fact that he achieved so much in his career at SNB. We will continue that work in his memory. Marcel was and continues to be an example to us all, and he will be sorely missed.

Board, management and staff
N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant


Register of condolences

In accordance with his wishes, Marcel has been buried in the De Hoevens natural burial grounds in Alphen (NB), in the presence of close friends and relatives, on Wednesday, March 13th.

We have published a register of condolences for Marcel where you can leave your personal sympathies. This register will be presented to the family at a later date.

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